Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Touch-based interaction have been considered as an excellent interaction method to replace or augment traditional user interfaces using mice, keyboards, keypads, etc. The intuitiveness of touch user interface has been commercially proven by many cool products such Apple iPhone multi-touch and Microsoft Surface. In addition, touch user interfaces greatly increase systesm usability and productivity of end users.
We belive that many people  in companies or universities are eager to get in-dept knowledge of touch user interfaces.
This is why we created this blog to give helpful information to people.
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Jonathan Brill said...


Thanks for your reference to my blog last night and thanks for linking to me.

I really enjoy your blog and am curious about who you are, what you do and where you might be located. I'm in New York.

~Jonathan Brill

In reference to Ted's recent article. MS is, in fact, claiming that Surface can track 52 blobs simultaneously.

If each blob is 2 square inches, that's 25% of the pixels all going different directions. While Surface's vision tracking is in fact excellent, I'm either misunderstanding the claim or it seems questionable.

Polly Traylor said...


Having trouble with your contact form on the site. We would love to send news/case studies your way. Thanks.

Polly S. Traylor
Communications Consultant
San Mateo, CA

Twitter: http://twitter.com/nextwindow

Lynn Marentette said...

Thanks for keeping up with multi-touch and related technologies! I especially liked your in-depth post about Stantum's resistive touch-screen.

Touch User Interface said...

Thanks for your appreciation. I also enjoy your posts!


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