Sunday, June 29, 2008

Display Taiwan 2008: AUO In-Cell Touch Panel

AUO In-Cell Multi-Touch Panel: Voltage Sensing

AUO brings out two types of  in-cell multi-touch panels at Display Taiwan 2008. The first type adopts charge-sensing to provide pressure-less finger sensing. Supported display sizes include 4.3" and 8.0". The technology can be regarded as an advanced version of projective matrix array touch panel. Interestingly, Apple also has a patent application dealing with similiar technology (US20080062140). The second approach, categorized into voltage-sensing, seamlessly installs an array of transparent mechanical switches among LCD pixels and supports 4.3" displays. Note that its predecessor was introduced in 2007, whose display size and resolution were 4.3" and 480x272, respectively.

AUO 4.3 inch In-Cell Multi-Touch Pane 

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