Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Glancing-Pad: an input device with simple touch gestures


Glancing-Pad is a one-handed text entry system. Rather than include a complicated recognition engine, it uses simple chording type gestures to intput texts.

Source: Supernova Mobile Connections Forum

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Garrick said...

I thought your blog might be interested in the following:

We have a new product on the market that represents a completely new approach to touch screens.
The technology is called 'force panel' and we have branded our product InfiniTouch.

Force panel improves upon existing capacitive or resistive screens with a more durable, vandal-proof construction and more design options available including integrating metal, wood or plastic into the touch sensitive surface.

Check out our website for some video demonstrations:

We also have some video from our recent booth at the Display Week SID Show 2008 in LA:

Feel free to email me for more information.

Garrick Infanger

Touch User Interface said...

Thanks, Garrick.

Your product seems to be quite unique.

If you send us a brief summary of your company and products (hopefully with multimedia materials such as pictures and movies), we will post it to our site.



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