Friday, June 13, 2008

Graphene: a possible replacement for ITO

How to Make Graphene

Technology Review (Apr. 14, 2008); Prachi Patel-Predd

Graphene--a flat single layer of carbon atoms--can transport electrons at remarkable speeds, making it a promising material for electronic devices. Until recently, researchers had been able to make only small flakes of the material, and only in small quantities. However, Rutgers University researchers have developed an easy way to make transparent graphene films that are a few centimeters wide and one to five nanometers thick.

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Why is it also importnat for touch screen industry? Simple. In order to make touch screens, you first have to print transparent conductive strips (electrodes) on thin films. At this time, the one and only one material to make transparent electrodes is indium tin oxide (ITO), yes, which is very very rare in our planet. It means that touch screen industry should pay for more money to get ITO. If there is a replacement for ITO such as graphene, they can make cheaper touch screens.

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