Tuesday, June 10, 2008

(Papers) Touch Screens, Multi Touch, and Touch User Interface

A direct texture placement and editing interface
A flexible full-body tactile sensor of low cost and minimal connections
A malleable surface touch interface
A modular expandable tactile sensor using flexible polymer
A multi-touch three dimensional touch-sensitive tablet
A remote control interface for large displays
A textile based capacitive pressure sensor
Affordances for manipulation of physical versus digital media on interactive surfaces
AppLens and launchTile: two designs for one-handed thumb use on small devices
Cooperative gestures: multi-user gestural interactions for co-located groupware
Direct-touch vs. mouse input for tabletop displays
Distant freehand pointing and clicking on very large, high resolution displays
DTLens: multi-user tabletop spatial data exploration
Dual touch: a two-handed interface for pen-based PDAs
Earpod: eyes-free menu selection using touch input and reactive audio feedback
Enabling interaction with single user applications through speech and gestures on a multi-user tabletop
FlowMenu: combining command, text, and data entry
Fluid DTMouse: better mouse support for touch-based interactions
GIA: design of a gesture-based interaction photo album
Glimpse: a novel input model for multi-level devices
Gummi: a bendable computer
[ABSTRACT] Gummi is an interaction technique and device concept based on physical deformation of a handheld device. The device consists of several layers of flexible electronic components, including sensors measuring deformation of the device. Users interact with this device by a combination of bending and 2D position control. Gummi explores physical interaction techniques and screen interfaces for such a device. Its graphical user interface facilitates a wide range of interaction tasks, focused on browsing of visual information. We implemented both hardware and software prototypes to explore and evaluate the proposed interaction techniques.Our evaluations have shown that users can grasp Gummi's key interaction principles within minutes. Gummi demonstrates promising possibilities for new interaction techniques and devices based on flexible electronic components. [Bibliography] C. Schwesig, I. Poupyrev, and E. Mori, "Gummi: a bendable computer," in CHI '04: Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing. New York, NY, USA, 2004, pp. 263--270.
Gummi: user interface for deformable computers
S. Carsten, P. Ivan, and M. Eijiro, "Gummi: user interface for deformable computers," in CHI '03 extended abstracts on Human factors in computing systems. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA: ACM, 2003.
High-Speed Pressure Sensor Grid for Humanoid Robot Foot
HybridPointing: fluid switching between absolute and relative pointing with a direct input device
HybridTouch: an intuitive manipulation technique for PDAs using their front and rear surfaces
I Sense A Disturbance in the Force: Mobile Device Interaction with Force Sensing
We propose a new type of input for mobile devices by sensing forces such as twisting and bending ...
Integrated Microeletronics for Smart Textiles
Issues and techniques in touch-sensitive tablet input
Keepin' it real: pushing the desktop metaphor with physics, piles and the pen
Lucid touch: a see-through mobile device
Making an impression: force-controlled pen input for handheld devices
Mobile interaction using paperweight metaphor
Modal spaces: spatial multiplexing to mediate direct-touch input on large displays
Multi-finger gestural interaction with 3d volumetric displays
Pointing lenses: facilitating stylus input through visual-and motor-space magnification
Precise selection techniques for multi-touch screens
PreSenseII: bi-directional touch and pressure sensing interactions with tactile feedback
Pressure marks
Release, relocate, reorient, resize: fluid techniques for document sharing on multi-user interactive tables
Sensing techniques for mobile interaction
Shift: a technique for operating pen-based interfaces using touch
Single-Handed Interaction Techniques for Multiple Pressure-Sensitive Strips
SmartSkin: an infrastructure for freehand manipulation on interactive surfaces
R. Jun, "SmartSkin: an infrastructure for freehand manipulation on interactive surfaces," in Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems: Changing our world, changing ourselves. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA: ACM Press, 2002.
Superflick: a natural and efficient technique for long-distance object placement on digital tables
Supporting multi-point interaction in visual workspaces
System design of Smart Table
Tactile interfaces for small touch screens
ThinSight: integrated optical multi-touch sensing through thin form-factor displays
ThinSight: versatile multi-touch sensing for thin form-factor displays
Two-finger input with a standard touch screen
Two-handed interaction on a tablet display
Visual touchpad: a two-handed gestural input device
Visual tracking of bare fingers for interactive surfaces

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