Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Touch Screen and Touch Sensor Resources

Capacitive Sensor Tutorial
Capacitor Interface
Embedded.com - How To Calibrate Touch Screens
Welcome to Embedded.com, the on-line resource for embedded systems developers. This is the place to come for tutorials, code, demos, and news, along with information about Embedded Systems Design Magazine and the Embedded Systems Conferences.
Howstuffworks "How the iPhone Works"
The Apple iPhone is a cell phone that works like a computer. Get the inside scoop on iPhone technology and the hype around the iPhone release.
In-depth Analysis: Touch Screen Panel Industry Trends and Business Strategies
Apple and LG Electronics have launched new iPhone and Prada Phone embedded with touch screen panels in 2007, spurring increasing interests in the touch screen panel. The touch screen panel, which has been incorporated in ATM, industrial use monitors and Kiosk, has started to broaden its application field to portable devices and even home electronics appliances such as monitors, notebooks and refrigerators.
Natural Input On Mobile PC Systems
N-trig's Dual-Mode Pen and Touch
Tactile Sensors

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Force, Pressure, and Touch - kitronyx.com
Force pressure touch technology: FSR sensor, electronics, firmware and software
Design Service Low Cost Pressure Mapping
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