Friday, July 18, 2008

Cut and paste tactile sensor

Japanese researchers introduced an interesting concept: cut-and-paste tactile sensors. The figure below illustrates the concept (I think they tried to depict an robot arm, but failed).

Application example of cut and past tactile sensors

Following is the excerpt from their research paper:

The term “cut-and-paste tactile sensors” refers to the installation of the sheets by literally cutting and pasting them on a surface. Moreover, because these sheets are flexible enough to be folded and cut, it is possible to select the location of each tactile sensor element rather freely. An important merit is that only one type of tactile sensor sheet is required for covering a whole system.

Installed tactile sensor sheet consisting of 120 sensing elements.

As shown in the above figure, installation of the tactile sensors is quite simple. Just connect sensor modules and put them on any curved surface.

Link: Y. Ohmura, Y. Kuniyoshi, and A. Nagakubo, "Conformable and Scalable Tactile Sensor Skin for Curved Surfaces," in Proc. the 2006 IEEE Int. Conf. Robotics and Automation, pp. 1348-1353, Orlando, Florida, May 2006.

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