Sunday, July 6, 2008

Touch Screens and Multi Touch Resources for July 6, 2008

Catching up...
digitalDash: digitalDash presents an intersting interface "Reconfigurable Tactile Display (RTD)". It can be regarded as a control panel that can change its front cover dynamically. It is no wonder that RTD cannot dynamically change its knobs and switches. However, as technology advances, I think it is possible we have a truly reconfigurable tactile display as seen below, where the image is from Yanko Design. Finally, the related research field of the RTD is tactile display and you can find many interesting research examples at Someya Lab, Tokyo University.
All in One Haptic Phone
Ki-Uk Kyung's Haptics Homepage: Dr. K.-U. Kyung, who is a research scientist at MIT touch lab, has joined many interesting haptics projects.
F-origin: F-origin originally its business with motion and haptics UI. Now, the company is also armed with a new touch technology called zTouch. zTouch seems to use pressure sensors to locate a user's finger.
PVI: Prime View Internation (PVI) is working on TFT products as well as e-paper solutions. The company is collaborating with F-origin to develop e-paper touch solutions.
atracsys: atracsys offers interactive tabletop solutions using vision-based tracking technologies. They sells interactive systems (beMerlin and atracTable) and tracking systems.
reactable: People at Universitat Pompeu Fabra presented a tabletop interface called reactable.
Display monthly and optronics: They are Japanese technical magazines specialized in display technologies. If you are fluent in Japanese, see an article entitled "入出力デバイスとして注目を集めるタッチ機能付きLCD"
Organic User Interfaces: ACM covers a new UI initiative called organic user interfaces. The concept is intended to provide a uniform framework encompassing various interface ideas including touch, tangible, and flexible interfaces. Interesting point is that the term organic user interface was orginally suggested by J. D. Mackinklay, PARC in the paper entitled "An Organic User Interface for Searching Citation Links". However, the paper considers some GUI issues. The Future of Things provides a good introductory article on organic user interfaces (Link: Flexible Computers Conform to Any Shape).
TWEND (Twisting and Bending as new Interaction Gesture in Mobile Devices): HCI people think that touching is not enough to interact with machines. Media Computing Group at RWTH Aachen University suggests a bending interface for mobile interface in CHI 2008 paper. Note that Sony and Microsoft also proposed similar interfaces. Sony's work is called Gummi and was presented in CHI 2004. Microsoft showed off their own twisting interfaces at UIST 2008 with a paper entitled "I Sense A Disturbance iin the Force: Mobile Device Interaction with Force Sensing".
Multi-touch systems that I have knwon and loved: Written by Bill Buxton. A must-read article if you are working in this field.
Being Human, HCI 2020 Report: I found the article via Touch Usability. It's the collection of thoughts from many HCI researchers and practitioners.
Touch computing hits its stride: Now, business people are also interested in touch interfaces.
A Look Back at CeBIT2008 Displays: Touch technologies are tightly coupled with displays. With the article and related links, you can find good insight on the next step of touch technologies.

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