Friday, July 11, 2008

Touch Screens and Multi Touch Resources - July 10th, 2008

Tactile display applications - a state of the art survey: Today, tactile displays are just research topics of academic field. However, it is worth while to browse the technology to get some insight of the future of touch interfaces.
E-fiel evaluation module: Outdated, but put here for reference purpose. The article deals with the evaluation board of Freescale MC33794 touch sensor IC.
Mosaic Industries Panel-Touch Controller: The product seems to be useful if you want to embed touch controllability to DIY or low-cost electronics project.
Multitouch interfaces is starting to spread among new devices: Written by Walt Mossberg who is a member of All Things Digital tech. site. Well, the article is not so impressive for me.
All Things Digital: Although one of their article is not so impressive, the site seems to get deeper than other casual technology blogs.
Writing drivers for common touch-screen interface hardware: Very practical step-by-step guide to complete your resistive touch screen project.
Pointui: As proven by the success of iPhone, touch technologies cannot survive without excellent user interfaces. The company lists three user interfaces for Windows Mobile PDA and Smartphones. At this time, only Home is downloadable.

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