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Multi Touch Resources: July 19, 2008

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Harvard Biorobotics Laboratory
Tactile Imaging is a way of non-invasively imaging palpable features, especially in soft tissue such as that of the breast.
Wayne Westerman: Founder of FingerWorks, which has been acquired by Apple. He has also invented many multi-touch patents.

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Introduction to multi-touch interaction: a PowerPoint lecture material on multi-touch interaction
The haptic community web site: a central online resource for researchers in the haptic community
Best practices of touch screen interface design: A guideline to design touch user interfaces


XSENSOR: XSENSOR measures pressure through its advanced pressure imaging systems, also known as pressure mapping, to offer innovative solutions. The figure below shows a pressure image when a person lies on the bed.
Live pressure imaging sample

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Force pressure touch technology: FSR sensor, electronics, firmware and software
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