Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Non-wearable data glove

This is a little old research work but a good application of touch sensing. Prof. Pai, who is working with Department of Computer Science, Rutgers, presented a ball-shaped 3D input device called Tango.

Grasp approximation results

It can sense a user's grasping pressure with capacitive pressure sensors. The sensors cover the whole surface of the Tango. By processing the measurement signals, it reproduces the 3D shape of the user's hand.

Although the technology is quite different from that used in most data gloves, the result is same - shape and orientation of the hand. This is why I regard the Tango as a non-wearable data glove.

Further readings are listed below:

[1] D. K. Pai, E. W. VanDerLoo, S. Sadhukhan, and P. G. Kry, "The Tango: A Tangible Tangoreceptive Whole-Hand Human Interface," World Haptics Symposium, vol. 1, 2005. (also available from Prof. Pai's web site)
[2] P. G. Kry and D. K. Pai, "Grasp Recognition and Manipulation with the Tango."
[3] F. Montbonnot, "Grasp Recognition and Manipulation with the Tango," Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics VI, 2005.

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