Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stantum multi-touch development KIT

Although there are so many multi-touch systems around the world, no one really has offered SDK for users to develop their own multi-touch applications.

However, Stantum introduces the fist commercially available and out-of-the-box SDK enabling you to build your own multi-touch user interfaces.


It has following features

  • Multi-touch 15’’4 wide screen WXGA display
  • Display resolution 1280x800
  • Touch repositioning accuracy < 4 pixels (< 0.5 mm)
  • USB and standard 15 pin connectors or standard DVI-D connectors
  • Cross-platform multi-touch driver (for WIN, MAC, LINUX)
  • Multi-touch Application Programming Interface (API): Multi cursor library
  • Test applications with C source code

Although it seems to be a perfect platform to develop multi-touch user interfaces, you should know that its price is almost $5,000.

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