Sunday, September 28, 2008

More and More Touch Sensor Manufactured in Korea

2008/09/26 By Seol, Sung-in

The industry is accelerating their speed of development for IC chips. As touch technology becomes popular among electronic products, domestic companies are trying to develop technology to meet the growing demand.
On September 25, Melfas, Coreriver, Chemtronics and ATLab are rolling out their own products to the chip market dominated by Synaptics and Cypress.
Melfas has developed finger print identification chips in 2000. Based on this technology, it began to supply touch sensor chips to mobile phone makers in the end of 2005. The company has focused on the manufacturing of touch keys. But, it is shifting its focus to full touch screen phones. It can implement 20 channels in a chip. But, it plans to expand it to 30 channels. Its chips do not cause error and are equipped with LED control. Kim Min-chul of Melfas said, “We are cooperating with companies in Japan, China and France as well as Korea. Recently, we began to supply our products to LCD monitor makers and digital camera makers.”
Coreriver also rolled out 32 channel touch sensor chip. The product is equipped with 8 bit micro controller unit, meeting the current demand in the market. Its touch sensor is 5 times as strong as other products. The product also allows the short distance close reconition. Coreriver is trying to supply its chips to various makers including mobile phone.
ATLab received the presidential award at the semiconductor design competition in last year. It implemented the conversion of analogue touch sensor signal processing to digital technology. Its product also features lower power consumption and fast response speed. The product has been applied to various products like MP3 player, doorlocks and cookers. This year, the company tries to supply to mobile phone makers.
Chemtronics also manufactures touch sensor chips for a decade. It has supplied to LCD TV, monitors and cleaner makers, chasing its foreign competitors in the market. Early this year, it also supplied to China, enhancing the touch business.
Coreriver President Bae Jong-hong said, “As more and more domestic companies begin the touch solution business, foreign brands are also worry about the market competition. The competition will become fierce as the market shows potential.”


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