Saturday, September 13, 2008

Novint Falon brings haptics to the rest of us

Novint FalconNovint Falcon introduced an interesting haptic gaming controller. Most of gaming controllers adopt vibration motor to give feedback to users. Unlike vibration, Novint Falcon controller can generate directional force feedback that can provide users with more realistic gaming experiences.

Current product is Pistol Grip, which is shown below. As shown in the figures, pistol-shaped handle is just attached to Novint Falcon haptic device.


Novint Falcon GripsNovint Falcon Pistol Grip

The company also considers different handles for different games.

Novint Falcon Grips

This kind of devices can be categorized as "grounded force feedback system" and originally introduced by Sensable Phantom.

A review of the Novint Falcon can be found at

Danny Dumas, "Review: Novint Falcon Gaming Controller Takes Aim on Your Mouse,", Sept. 12, 2008.

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