Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Second glimpse inside on Nokia S60 touchless 3D touch UI

Nokia S60 touchless touch UI

I have tried to find the original patent of Nokia S60 touchless touch UI and finally get it - US2008/0005703A1.

Nokia S60 touchless touch UI gestures

When I first read the patent, I thought that it was technically infeasible to detect 3D hand gestures with ultrasound waves. But I soon realized that there are plenty of medical imaging devices using ultrasound. Good idea and good patent.

In addition, I guess that Elliptic Labs 3D touch sensing interface also uses that kind of ultrasond imaging technique.


Updated Dec. 11, 2009


US20080005703 Apparatus, Methods and computer program products providing finger-based and hand-based gesture commands for portable electronic device applications -

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