Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Senso: an eldercare device

I found an interesting concept device called Senso at Kontrast Blog. It is designed to help people suffering from dementia or forgetfulness. The concept is composed of three sub-modules: the Personal Lifebook, the Souffleur and the EMO Pillow.

Senso: the Personal Lifebook Senso: the Souffleur Senso: the EMO pillow 

The designer says that the EMO pillow gives haptic feedback by changing its surface structure. It reminds me of Surflex project.


Surflex is a programmable surface for the design and visualization of physical objects and spaces. It combines the different memory and elasticity states of its materials to deform and gain new shapes, providing a novel alternative for 3D fabrication and the design of physically adaptable interfaces.


Via: Kontrast Blog

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