Sunday, September 21, 2008

Smart materials and new technologies

I add it to my archive because it has introductory pages about touch screens (resistive and surface capacitive) in p. 119.
D. Michelle Addingtonh and D. L. Schodek, Smart Materials and New Technologies: For the Architecture and Design Professions, Architectural Press, 2005.
Today, architects and designers are beginning to look toward developments in new "smart" or "intelligent" materials and technologies for solutions to long-standing problems in building design. However, these new materials have so far been applied in a diverse but largely idiosyncratic nature, because relatively few architects have access to information about the types or properties of these new materials or technologies. Two of the leading experts in this field - Addington and Schodek - have solved this problem by incorporating all the relevant information of all the latest technologies available to architects and designers in this one volume. They present materials by describing their fundamental characteristics, and go on to identify and suggest how these same characteristics can be exploited by professionals to achieve their design goals. Here, the wealth of technical understanding already available in the materials science and engineering literature is at last made accessible to a design audience. * A unique text that outlines the topic of smart materials from a design perspective * Learn about the latest research and practice of using smart materials and gain a better understanding on how to utilize them in architectural design * Benefit from the knowledge and insight of this experienced and respected author team.

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