Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bumptop on large touch display.

Bumptop on a large touch display (MS Touch Wall).


You can also find another version of Bumptop video here, with multitouch. The article also contains interesting descriptions and opinions on Bumptop.

BumpTop Touch, Multi-Touch Showcase from Anand Agarawala on Vimeo.


Jonathan Brill said...

There's a demo at that shows Anand Argwala's Bumptop demo with at least two-point touch capability (like the iphone).

For indepth analysis and thoughts on how the underlying concepts can enhance your projects check out my posting:

Jonathan Brill

Touch User Interface said...

Yes, you are right. Bumptop can support multi-touch.

But I guess the multi-touch support of Bumptop may be dependent on its OS environemnt, rather than having its own multi-touch processing mechanism.

Thanks for your comment.


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