Thursday, November 27, 2008

CNET Interviews N-trig

CNET does a story about an interview with Lenny Engelhardt, N-trig's VP of Business Development.

He said "Seven- to 17-inches is our sweet spot" since screens of smart phones and other small mobile devices are too small to make a good multitouch interface.

My opinion is a little different. First, Apple iPhone anyway has shown an excellent way of applying multitouch to small screen devices. Second, I think that N-trig's DuoSense is much more important feature than multi-touch. With DuoSense technology, a user can use pen and multi-touch simultaneously. Pen input is very important feature for Chinese users due to their complex character system (ideogram).

So, I slightly modified N-trig's opinion: 1) seven- to 17-inches is a sweet spot of multi-touch and 2) cell-phones and smart phones are a sweet spot for DuoSense.


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