Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Multi-Touch In Windows 7

Ian LeGrow's presentation Multi-Touch In Windows 7 at WinHEC2008 looks interesting.
Table of Contents
  • Now Is The Time!
    • Customers are ready for touch
    • Mainstream digitizers are available
    • ISVs are investing in Multi-touch
    • Multi-Touch Capable PCs
      Are Available Today
  • Multi-Touch In Windows 7
    • Windows 7 Multi-Touch Goals
    • Augmenting The Experience
      • Simple gestures for everyday use
      • Optimize for consumption scenarios
    • A Short List Of Investments…
    • Deliver Consistency
      • Consistent Touch APIs
    • Multi-Touch Software: Good-Better-Best
    • Multi-Touch Hardware Laptop and AIO form-factors are great for Multi-touch
    • Tablet PC Hardware: A Multi-touch and pen enabled tablet PC is the ultimate mobile PC
  • Working With Partners
    • Elo TouchSystems
    • Wacom
    • N-trig
    • NextWindow
  • Call To Action
  • Additional Resources
  • Q&A

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