Friday, December 5, 2008

Report: Touch Screens in Mobile Devices

Here's a report by ABIresearch about technical analysis and market forecasts of touch screens

Touch screen technology for mobile devices is going through a period of renaissance due in large part to the fascination surrounding iconic mobile phones such as Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Instinct, which have brought touch to a new level of user acceptance. Driven by a number of trends including the growing desire for more intuitive interfaces and personalization options as device functionality increases, as well as decreasing ASPs for touch components and panels, the penetration of touch screens in mobile devices will continue to increase, but at different rates depending on the geographic region. This study examines and provides forecasts for the market for touch screen displays in communication and productivity-centric mobile device form factors including mobile handsets, portable navigation devices, personal digital assistants, ultra mobile personal computers, mobile Internet devices, and tablet PCs.

Link: Touch Screens in Mobile Devices

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