Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gesturetek’s Surface Computing Demo


JoshB said...

Ironic that the last voice over is "delivering a rich, interactive experience" on the scene where the guy is holding a button to pan a picture or 3-D view at a painfully slow rate. That's not very rich and could be done on a regular PC. Why not directly swipe the image to pan it?

Touch User Interface said...

Hmm... interesting point. I reviewed the video again. My guess is that GestureTek's interactive display is not so fast enough to recognize the swiping gesture.

Anonymous said...

This video focuses on GestureTek's Illuminate display system, just one of GestureTek's many gesture control and 'point to control' technologies for interactive displays. You can find many more dynamic applications of our multi-patented gesture control technology at For example, our award-winning multi-touch surface computing tables and custom multi-touch windows are in demand by retailers, tourism attractions and corporate clients worldwide( As well, our custom 3D depth tracking system for display screens and electronic devices can recognize virtually any pose or gesture, including swipes, waves, fists and finger points. Other applications include full-body avatar control, two-handed and multi-touch control and hand tracking for 360º navigation control (replacing a joystick). Our 3D hand tracking technology was used to power a virtual reality flight simulator attraction at the Beijing Olympics. See more at


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