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Mitsubishi Demos ‘3D Touch Panel’ — Tech-On!

Mitsubishi Electric Corp prototyped a capacitive touch panel that can detect the distance between a finger and the panel and demonstrated it at Interaction 2009, which took place from March 5 to 6, 2009, in Tokyo.

The prototyped "3D touch panel." A white circle is displayed on the area approached by a finger. The circle becomes larger as the finger moves closer to the panel. When a finger approaches the panel, icons pop up around it. One of the thumbnail pictures enlarges when approached by a finger.


  • Display: 5.7", 640x480 pixels
  • Touch panel: projective capacitive touch panel
  • Measurement range:
  1. contact state: 8 ~ 19 pF change
  2. proximity state: 0.3 pF change
  • Measurments: x, y, z positions and the speed of the approaching finger.
  • Resolution
  1. contact state: 0.2 mm
  2. proximity state: 10 mm (x and y), 256 stage (z axis, up to 20 mm)
  • Response time
  1. contact state: 10 ms
  2. proximity state: 50 ms

Source: Mitsubishi Demos '3D Touch Panel', Tech-On!

As expected, Mitsubishi is not the first one on this kind of technology:

Two Handed FieldMouse

  • Sony CSL: SmartSkin can be considered as an ancestor of iPhone multi-touch screen. CSL has presented an interaction architecture called PreSense, which show a preview before a user execute commands.



Updated Dec. 11, 2009


US2009/0183931A1 Touch Panel Device -

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