Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Microsoft Surface Computing Crosses the Pond

 Microsoft Surface Computing Crosses the Pond

Microsoft Surface, the company's first commercial example of surface computing, has “crossed the pond” and is available in no less than 12 markets over the Atlantic. The Redmond company announced at CeBIT 2009 that Surface would be made available in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions. Until the start of CeBIT 2009 only companies in the United States and Canada were able to purchase Microsoft Surface. Now the tabletop computer will be made available in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Qatar, Spain, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates and the U.K.

Apple multi-touch patent explains Palm threats, Pocket-lint

Palm shares down 10% on the news Apple owns tech Pre uses

Ultraportable with dual multitouch AMOLED screens One Ultraportable, Many Ways to Interact, PC World

The MacBook Air, the Lenovo X301, the Asus Eee PC--dinosaurs! At least, they are compared with the ideal ultraportable laptop we have in our heads. This month we took a stab at imagining the perfect ultraportable, and here are the features we came up with. Of course, we're not all geniuses (just some of us are), so if you have some better ideas for our mashed-up machine, tell us in the comments section.

N-trig Challenges ISV to Develop New Hands-on Computing™ Applications for SID Display Week 2009, Business Wire

N-trig is seeking application developers who can creatively integrate hands-on input into new application software, utilizing full multi-touch capabilities. The new beta application must run over Windows 7. N-trig is looking for developers to be creative, push the boundaries and further help to break down the barriers between people and their computers for a true Hands-on computing™ experience.

Vision Objects and Stantum enhance user experience with a unique solution, Media Syndicate

Stantum’s technology can be used by all mobile electronic devices, from the PDA and smartphone through to MP3 players, as long as they use resistive multi-touch sensors. This exciting new technology is able to detect several finger movements simultaneously and contains a series of applications that let you maneuver several objects on the screen at the same time.
In association with this technology, Vision Objects integrates MyScript, its handwriting recognition solution. Backed up by a simple, intuitive user interface, users can write a message effortlessly with either their fingertips or a stylus and see their text instantly transcribed into digital text with excellent accuracy.
MyScript not only recognizes all handwriting styles but also intuitive gestures which allow users to write naturally, to insert spaces and line breaks, and to easily correct text by editing gestures (from simple backspace gestures to natural scratch outs).

Silicon Labs Expands MCU Portfolio with High Pin-Count, Touch-Sensing Device

C8051F700 Enables Robust, Cost-Effective Capacitive Touch Sensing

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