Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flexible touch screen for intuitive e-book reading

This bendable interface is what exactly e-book readers should have.


Intuitive page-turning interface of e-books on flexible e-paper


T. Tajika, T. Yonezawa, and N. Mitsunaga, "Intuitive page-turning interface of e-books on flexible e-paper based on user studies," in Proceeding of the 16th ACM international conference on Multimedia. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: ACM, 2008.

Abstract: In this paper we propose an intuitive page-turning and browsing interface of e-books on a flexible e-paper based on user studies. Our user studies showed various types of page-turning actions such as flipping, grasping, and sliding by different situations or users. We categorized these actions into three categories: turn, flip through, and leaf through the page(s). Based on this categorized model, we have developed a conceptual design and prototype of an interface for an e-book reader, which enables intuitive page-turning interactions using a simple architecture in both hardware and software design. The prototype has a flexible plastic sheet with bend sensors, which is attached to a small LCD monitor to physically unite the visual display with a tangible control interface based on the natural page-turning actions as used in reading a real book. The prototype handles all three page-turning actions observed in the user studies by interpreting the bend degree of the sheet.

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