Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Large Multi-Touch Touch Screen using Projective Capacitive Sensing Technique

Projective capacitive sensing is usually applied to mobile touch screens. To the contrary, most large touch screens such as MS Surface and Perceptive Pixel use camera-based techniques. One reported exception is Sony SmartSkin that uses projective capacitive sensing.

Today, I found another example of large touch screens using projective capacitive technology.


Multitouch surface using projected capacitive technology


The big difference between those two is the sensor material. In the projective capacitive sensing, a mesh of electrodes acts as a touch sensor. SmartSkin uses copper electrode, while the one shown above utilizes ViP Interactive Foil.

At this time, only thing I know is that it is flexible, transparent and provided by Viual Planet.

I should check it out later.

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