Tuesday, May 5, 2009

e-Paper Display Technology and Market Forecast

When Will e-Paper Display begins to be Mass Produced?

The flexible display market expects applications in concepts of e-newspaper, e-magazine, and e-book to replace newspapers, magazines, and books, focus firstly in the e-paper display. In addition, the market expects various applications not only as bulletin board-use displays such as interior/exterior-use advertisement boards, but also as a mobile communication device.

Currently, Taiwan-based PVI and Korea-based LG Display are manufacturing e-paper display products utilizing glass substrates. Various companies including Amazon and Sony are launching e-book using such display.

However, a genuine flexible e-paper display using flexible substrates has not yet been produced.

LG Display is expected to be the first maker to produce the flexible e-paper display. The company is developing the flexible e-paper display using metal foil substrates through collaboration with E-ink based on a-Si TFT technology and is planning to manufacture 11.5-inch flexible display products to US-based Hearst Corporation in e-magazine format during 1H'09.

<Table of Contents>

1. e-Paper Display Outline
  1-1. Background and Range
    1-2. Condition of Performance
    1-3. Realization Technology
    1-4. Application
    1-5. Future Application Scenario

2. e-Paper Technology
2-1. Electrochromic Display
    2-2. Electrowetting Display
    2-3. Electrophoresis Display
    2-4. Toner Display
    2-5. LCD based Display
    2-6. MEMS based Display
    2-7. Display with Other Technology Application
        2-7-1. Photonic Crystal Display
        2-7-2. Thermochromic Display
        2-7-3. Twisting Ball Display

3. e-Paper Source Technology Related Maker Trend
    3-1. ADT
    3-2. Bridgestone
    3-3. E-Ink
    3-4. Kent Displays
    3-5. Liquavista
    3-6. Nemoptic
    3-7. Ntera
    3-8. Opalux
    3-9. PolyDisplay ASA
    3-10. Qualcomm
    3-11. SiPix Imaging

4. e-Paper Application Product Related Maker Trend
    4-1. Amazon
    4-2. Ambient Devices
    4-3. Aveso
    4-4. Bookeen
    4-5. Citizen
    4-6. Ectaco
    4-7. eRead Holding
    4-8. Fujitsu
    4-9. Fuji Xerox
    4-10. Hewlett Packard
    4-11. Hitachi
    4-12. iRex
    4-13. Lexar Media
    4-14. LG Display
    4-15. Magink Display Technologies
    4-16. Miortech
    4-17. Motorola
    4-18. NeoLux
    4-19. Netronix
    4-20. NTT Dokomo
    4-21. PaperDisplay
    4-22. Plastic Logic
    4-23. Polymer Vision
    4-24. PVI
    4-25. Samsung Electronics
    4-26. Seiko
    4-27. Seiko Epson
    4-28. Sharp
    4-29. Siemens
    4-30. Smart Displayer
    4-31. Sony
    4-32. Tianjin Jinke Electronics
    4-33. Toppan Printing
    4-35. ZBD Display

5. e-Paper Related R&D Trend by Region
    5-1. Korea
    5-2. Japan
    5-3. U.S. and Europe
    5-4. Others

6. e-Paper Technology Key Issue
    6-1. Neccessity of Performance Enhancement through Technology Development
    6-2. Techological Issue for Completion of e-Paper

7. e-Paper Market and Demand Forecasts
    7-1. e-Paper Development Factor
    7-2. Product Delivery Forecast
    7-3. Market Forecast

8. Index
    8.1. Table
    8.2. Figure

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