Monday, June 1, 2009

Atmel multi touch touch screen controller

Atmel has announced its new touch controller IC – maxTouch that will come this Fall.

According to the official web site, a few features of maxTouch are:
  • Unlimited touch
    • Unlimited touch provides you maximum flexibily in the human interface including the use of fingers, nails and stylus
  • Fast response
    • Atmel's touch optimized AVR microcontroller combined with out patend touch technology minimize acquisition time and enhance the user experience
  • Maximum precision
    • Excellent multiple touch adjacency and intuitive rejection of unintended touches
  • Low power consumption
    • Industry's leading power-saving technology allows for extended battery life
  • Ideal for any application
    • Supports a broad range of touchscreen applications including mobile handsets, netbooks, printers, GPS, digital cameras, portable media players and point of sale terminals.
  • Environmentally robust
    • Robust resilient under harsh climate (hot/cold temperatures), dusty and humid/wet environment

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