Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Korea Display Conference 2009

Korea Display Conference 2009

Displaybank is organizing the 10th Annual Korea Display Conference (KDC2009) from June 25 to 26. KDC2009 is the place to study Display Industry issues and to debate on the future business possibilities. This year under the slogan of "A Road to FPD Recovery : Emerging Market & New Applications" we have prepared sessions involving not only current issues but also opportunities in the emerging markets such as Smart phone, LED, Touch Screen, Next Generation e-paper. We cordially ask you to join us at KDC2009.

  • Title : Korea Display Conference 2009
  • Date : June 25 ~ 26, 2009
  • Venue : Seoul COEX Grand Ballroom, 101~102
  • Participating Companies : Over 200 companies related to Display materials, equipments, components, end products & finance professionals, academia, journalists
  • Participants : 1,000 Display Industry related Professionals (over 2 day periods)
  • Additional Events : Sponsorship Exhibitions, Reception Party
  • KDC 2009 Major Conference Titles
    • Possibility of Economy Recovery in 2009 and Display Industry Forecast
    • China Economic Stimulus Policy and Ripple Effects onto TV Industry
    • Future TV Market Megatrend & Premium TV Development Direction Forecast
    • Secondary Battery Development Direction & Ripple Effect Analysis onto Electronics Business
    • Next Generation Lighting (LED,OLED) Requirements & Market Forecast
    • Smart Phone Trend of Leading Makers & Business Strategy
    • EPD Business Success Strategy as e-Book Reader
    • AMOLED Core Technology Development Trend & Strategy
    • Touch Screen Market Status & Major Technology Trend Analysis
  • Event Inquiry :
    Erica Choi, T. +82-31-704-7188(#111)

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