Thursday, June 4, 2009

Touch User Interface Overview

Due to the success of iPhone, touch user interface has been a hot issue of industrial and academic fields. Many people are newly joining this interesting topic, but it's quite difficult for them to find overview/tutorial resources for starters. Exactly speaking, those kinds of information exist but scattered over the Internet.

So, in this post, I collect and list resources that are helpful to gain overview of touch user interface.

  1. Case history: Touching the future: Let’s warm up first. This magazine article briefs the past, present, and future of touch screen user interfaces.
  2. Bill Buxton: I recommend his three articles before your touch UI study.
  3. See also Ken Hinckley’s Input Technologies and Techniques
  4. Wikipedia article about touch user interface: definitions are always important. Also, it is worth while to read articles on haptics, organic user interfaces, and tangible user interface that are closely related interaction methods of touch UI.
  5. A New Era for High Precision Touchscreens in "Advances in human-computer interaction" : This is a single chapter of very old book “Advances in Human-Computer Interaction”, but contains fundamentals of touch screen interfaces - from hardware to software and user interface.
  6. Wikipedia article on touch screens and Technology Review: Point of Sale and Self Service Kiosk Touch Screens: Touch screens are main hardware systems of touch user interfaces. Those two articles summarize various touch screen technologies.
  7. A Survey of Mainstream and Emerging Touch Technologies : Geoff Walker is a touch screen expert who is currently a product marketing manager at NextWindow. This presentation illustrates almost all conventional and new touch screen technologies around the world.
  8. Designing Gestural Interfaces: Touchscreens and Interactive Devices : The book deals with gestural interaction that encompasses touch user interfaces, 3D gesture interaction, and bare-hand interaction. It contains many real life and conceptual examples of gestural user interfaces. I bought it and love it.

* This post is partially motivated by an email question from a Ph. D. candidate student who wanted to have survey articles about multi touch technologies.


Lynn Marentette said...

Thanks for your links. You are on my blogroll!

Touch User Interface said...

Thank you :) Your links and blogrolls are great!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your e-mail and for this post.

P.D. : the Ph. D. candidate student.

Touch User Interface said...

It's my pleasure! It's great to share information and get people exploring touch UI.


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