Monday, June 8, 2009

[SID] Motorola Develops Pressure Sensitive Multi-Touch Panel

Motorola developed pressure sensitive touch panels using transparent force sensors.


- Google Translation of the original article

The "SID" in the exhibition is the demonstration of the touch panel, papers were also presented. I thought it interesting that in the U.S. Motorola, Inc.'s, A touch panel that can detect the pen pressure sensing MARUCHITATCHI (Paper No.: 32.5L).

Resistance to change in response to pressure "TFS (Transparent Force Sensing) film", the two electrodes are placed perpendicular to the rectangular-shaped "TCO (Transparent Conducting Oxide) film" clip in the film and the glass of polymer-laminated board.
Was demonstrated in an interview with Sir Oh, it was to detect the pressure according to a finger hold. With this method, for sensing the pressure in the unit as a pixel dot matrix, can be recognized accurately pinpoint the location of the best I押SHITAI.

This function is suitable for portable devices, touch a finger to enter. In addition, you can write and change the width to use a pen and writing, and games that can be used to respond to the power grab. Will enable new applications.

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