Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[CHI2009] Double-side Multi-touch Input for Mobile Devices

This new double-sided multi-touch mobile interaction model enables intuitive finger gestures for manipulating 3D objects and user interfaces on a 2D screen. Although multi-touch input enables scrolling and the zooming of a document, its manipulation is constrained to two dimensions over the horizontal or vertical planes of a mobile device’s 2D touch screen. By adding touch inputs from the device’s back side, the degree of freedom for manipulation can be extended to a pseudo three dimensions.


Grabbing an object. Dragging an object (x and y axes) by simultaneously moving fingers on both sides of the device.
image image
Pushing up/down on an object by touching on the object from back/front side of the device. Flipping an object by grabbing and sliding two fingers in opposite directions.
image image
Stretching an object by grabbing it with two pairs of fingers and sliding those two in different directions.  


Source: E.E. Shen, S.D. Tsai, H. Chu, Y.J. Hsu, and C.E. Chen, “Double-side multi-touch input for mobile devices,” Proceedings of the 27th international conference extended abstracts on Human factors in computing systems, Boston, MA, USA: ACM, 2009, pp. 4339-4344. (Poster in PDF format is available at NTU Ubicomp Laboratory)


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