Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Synaptics brings out 10 finger capacitive multi-touch screen

Synaptics announced new ClearPad 3000 Series capacitive multi-touch solution.

- Number of sensing channels: 48
- Display size: up to 8"
- Accuracy: ±1 mm
- Thickness: 0.3 mm
- Power consumption: 5 mA in active mode, 12 uA in sleep mode

Via Multitouch + NUI and Engadget

Richard Monson-Haefel at Multitouch + NUI suggests a good empirical rule that is useful to identify required sensing specifications of multi-touch screens or surfaces. He calls it "half-diagonal" and I rewrite his rule in the form of equation as shown below:

Maximum number of fingers to detect = Display's diagonal size (in inch) / 2

For example, if you consider an 8" display, the equation tells that four finger touch is enough for your application.

And F. Wang and X. Ren also reported several statistics that are helpful to design multi-touch applications.

F. Wang and X. Ren, "Empirical evaluation for finger input properties in multi-touch interaction," in Proceedings of the 27th international conference on Human factors in computing systems Boston, MA, USA: ACM, 2009.

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