Monday, August 10, 2009

Surface that hears your touch

scratch input CMU student Chris Harrison has showed off an acoustic touch gesture recognition technique called scratch input. The idea is very intuitive. When you write something on a surface, it produces a unique acoustic wave (left figure). Therefore, with a microphone and carefully designed pattern recognition software, scratch input detects and recognizes simple touch gestures drawn on any solid surfaces and soft fabrics.




Stane is a similar research work done by researchers at Glasgow university.



Kyle said...

I was going to take advantage of this phenomena by writing a composition for chalkboard consisting solely of letter sequences.

This is a way more pragmatic application.

Touch User Interface said...

What do you think about Tai-Chi project?( It seems to be more functional than ScratchInput.

And, if you have any work on acousint sensing, could you inform me of the URL of the work?

Kyle said...

I wouldn't say Tai-Chi is more "functional", but it has some advantages in that they're trying to reconstruct absolute position rather than single gestures.

Sorry, I don't have any work to share on acoustics sensing -- it's all in my sketchbook :)


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