Sunday, September 27, 2009

Courier: Microsoft’s New Tablet PC Concept

Microsoft has introduced a new tablet concept called "Courier".

Microsoft’s Courier is a device with dual 7-inch touch screens that enables one to jot, doodle, and flip with stylus. More than a tablet, it is a booklet with a camera at backside. Microsoft is in the procedure of developing this astounding device to enhance its features so that gadget-lovers will fall in love with this multitouch mechanism.  Though Courier does not come with any kind of tangible or virtual keypad, it is highly user friendly due its inbuilt handwriting recognition software. Its inbuilt camera and Wi-Fi connectivity surely make it stand in crowd.

Courier is definitely an elegant journal which makes it possible to manage your documents with ease. You can easily save your documents including web pages, notes, photographs and other kind of information. Courier will enable users to install various applications supported by this device. Till now all the photographs and videos giving the demo of Microsoft’s new product are denoting the exciting features of this device.  Courier has already created quite a stir among the target audience, little more wait and soon the device will be available in the market.

Microsoft’s Courier booklet has more than one could have imagined. Recent videos that are available for curious people out there give a complete demo of the device. The demo explains all the features of the digital scrapbook. Organized folder arrangements, easy search option, multiple web pages browsing and easy downloading are some of the user-friendly features of Courier that will make it simpler to manage your schedules and plans. We can say that courier is a huge virtual diary that uses digital ink.

One can publish the data from Courier online. The hinge between the screens is used as a compartment to put items you want to shift from one page to another. The battery life and signal can be verified by looking at the edge of one of the touch screens. Courier will surely unearth more of its irresistible features in the coming future, till then we can’t help but wait.  

The concept of dual-display tablets is not new, but it's important that OS giant Microsoft now has really interested in it.
As pointed by many resources, it seems to be a descendant of Microsoft’s Codex and InkSeine Project.

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