Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Expected items in SIGGRAPH Asia 2009

Airflow Interaction With Floating Images

This new optical device forms virtual images that appear to float in the air. In combination with a contact-less airflow detector, it provides a new method of interaction. The floating image reacts when users blow air into it.

BiDi Screen: A Thin, Depth-Sensing LCD for 3D Interaction Using Light Fields

An LCD screen is transformed into a BiDi (bidirectional) screen to support 2D multi-touch and walk-up 3D gesture interaction.

FlexTorque: Innovative Haptic Interface for Realistic Physical Interaction in Virtual Reality

The idea behind FlexTorque is to reproduce human muscle structures that allow us to perform dexterous manipulations and interactions. The result is a wearable haptic interface that presents realistic kinesthetic stimulus to the human arm.

Fur Display

Fur Display presents touchable fur with surprising dynamic movement. The device is simple and small, so it can be placed on clothing, appliances, or personal belongings, where it becomes a useful, friendly interface in our daily lives.


Lumarca (latin for “light box”) is a truly volumetric display that allows viewers to see three-dimensional images. The system requires only a computer, a projector, and common materials found at most hardware stores.

MemoIcon: Using Everyday Objects as Physical Icons

MemoIcon increases productivity with a new interaction method based on pattern recognition and multi-touch techniques. It easily binds virtual information to everyday real objects and transforms them into physical icons that embody virtual tasks as tangible items. Virtual information becomes tangible and physically present.


It enables input based on direct touch, force, and shape transformation. Because the soft material is “crash-worthy”, the controller can even be thrown.

SixthSense: A Wearable Gestural Interface

This prototype is comprised of a pocket projector, a mirror, and a camera. The hardware components are contained in a pendant-like wearable device. The projector projects visual information on walls and other physical objects, which become interfaces, while the camera recognizes and tracks the user’s hand gestures and physical objects using computer-vision techniques.

Check my updated story about SixthSense at Touch User Interface.

The Cubtile: 3D Multitouch Brings Virtual Worlds Into the User’s Hands

This demonstration combines the cubtile, a new 3D multitouch device that expands tactile input from surface-only interaction to full-volume manipulation, with an augmented-reality-like setup that blends interaction and visualization spaces to put 3D objects between the user’s hands.

Touch the Untouchable

This prototype system employs a laser range finder to determine the distance to a given object. Users can feel the shape of the object in real time even though it exists inside a glass case.

Volume Slicing Display

The Volume Slicing Display enables interactive exploration of volumetric data (for example, medical images) using a piece of plexiglass (or paper) that functions both as a control interface and a passive, untethered projection screen.

Source:Emerging Technologies SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 (via Architectradure)

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