Monday, September 28, 2009

Intel’s Quad-Display Touch Notebook Concept

Intel’s latest upbeat notebook design concept is definitely something to look forward to. Stop guessing about the design as it is beyond guessing. To beat the two screens notebook model, Intel has brought a revolution in the field of touch-screen technology. Its latest model has three mini touch-enabled displays apart from a primary 15.4-inch display. Quite revolutionary, isn’t it?

The three mini touch screens are located horizontally just above the keyboard. One regular LCD screen plus three supplementary OLED screens enable the user to switch between his multiple documents. The user can easily handle more than one tasks at one go. The unusual idea makes it possible to keep an eye on three mini screens and flip the content from one particular mini screen to the main LCD screen. 

The purpose of the Intel’s Quad-Display Touch Notebook Concept is to make user possible to manage his or her work in the most orderly and methodical way. Dragging or flipping all kinds of files from mini screens to LCD screen is as easy as ABC. A touch of a finger and you are done. Apart from flipping documents, Intel’s multi-touch notebook also enables one to contract, zoom, scroll, and pan content from one screen to another.

Until the invention of Intel’s Quad-Display Touch Notebook, multitasking was tedious when it came to handle more than one task on the regular one display notebook, but not anymore. Intel’s latest discovery’s three OLED additional screens with the main LCD screen are surely like icing on the cake. It is time to be systematic in a smart way. It is time to look forward to feel four screens of a fabulous notebook design.

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