Thursday, September 24, 2009

Painting For The Blind - The Magic Of Assistive Technology

The Touch Color Concept is the innovation in the world of assistive technology to prove that creation of art does not necessarily require eyesight. A Thermal digital tablet and a Rainbow Color picking ring in this gadget enable a blind person to paint his imagination on the tablet with his fingers. The tablet makes it possible to sketch and paint beautiful digital pictures. The rainbow picker in this device has 24 vibrant shades. One can scroll the ring to choose the color. Color can be identified by sensing the Braille dots on each color.

Rainbow Picking Ring

The rainbow picking ring can be captured with the help of the fingers. The ring can be scrolled to select any color from 24 shades. The Braille dots on the shades help to identify different colors. Further, the gadget makes a distinction between colors by producing diverse temperatures due to LED bulbs. It is nothing but the touch of technology that transforms color from the rainbow ring on to the thermal drawing board.

Thermal Drawing Board/Tablet

When a blind person selects color on the ring with the help of his finger, the thermal-color display technology makes him possible to visualize the outlines of a picture and colors rightly. The color gets transmitted on the tablet and one could draw with his fingers. One can use Braille stylus to outline the picture and paint like a pro.

Other Aids

The thermal board has a cavity that holds the rainbow ring in place while drawing. The switch button enables to study the surface of the tablet and to create the picture due to its study mode and creation mode. The picture can be saved, deleted and transferred easily. A hearing device on the tablet instructs the painter to help him come up with a near to perfect artwork.

The Touch Color Concept is a must have device for those who are suffering from color blindness. The touch screen technology has gone beyond the senses with this ground-breaking invention. All credit goes to the master minds behind this new age gizmo - Yun Li, Guopeng Liang & Ke Zhao. It is an era to paint with the soul and not with the eyes.

Source: Touch Color Helps Blind People to Draw | Future Technology

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