Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bibliofile Electronic Book Reader – Books at Your Fingertips

Bibliofile Electronic Book Reader could be truly a wise substitute to paperback book. This gennext electronic book reader concept has several exciting features to look out for. This gadget allows page-turning gesture, which in turn helps in producing power required to update an e-paper display. Electronic Book Reader gets cognitive, mechanical and digital feedback with the help of the page-turning gestures.

Looking for the meaning of that unfamiliar word will not be too hard with this unique design. Updating your vocabulary will not be a difficult task while using Bibliofile. The device supports various applications including dictionary. The electronic book’s active reading margin enables its user to use useful applications, and thus makes the device more user-friendly. A user can also play interesting word games on Bibliofile Electronic Book Reader.

If you are obsessed with books, you can have a collection of your all time favorite books at your fingertips with Bibliofile. The model’s capacitive touch-screen and e-paper display play the main role in providing soothing reading experience. The device could be manipulated with the use of a stylus. Apart from using stylus, the device can be used comfortably with fingers. How about immediately taking notes with stylus while reading text?

The flipper attached to the Bibliofile could be flipped up and down to go to the next page and to the previous page. The surface of the screen is so smooth that a reader will hardly feel that he is reading on the screen and not on the paper. The device is designed in a way that it can be used comfortable by a left-handed person too. Bibliofile Electronic Book Reader is a must have if you admire good books and fond of reading in your free time. With Bibliofile, wherever you go, your personalized library will follow.

Source: Yanko Design

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