Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flexpeaker – Paper-Thin Speaker with Excellent Sound Quality

This era is all about size zero. When it comes to technology, ultra-slim is completely in trend. The technology is about to set a new benchmark with flexpeaker. How about abandoning your old set of ugly looking box shaped speakers and replacing them with smart looking paper-thin speakers?

Soon users will be proud to have this lovely ultra-slim speaker concept available for them. If you are wondering why this speaker is called as flexpeaker, then the name of the concept is about to reveal its one more startling feature. These speakers are not only paper-thin but they are flexible too. The outstanding design developed by Taiwan’s ITRI, flexpeaker technology will surely gain admiration from users.

Flexpeaker technology constructs a speaker with the use of many tiny speakers. These tiny speakers can be joined together to make a superior quality speaker of any size. Flexpeaker will look trendy and smart with your OLED displays and other ultra-slim gadgets. Being flexible, flexpeaker technology is space-saving. It will certainly make your surroundings look charming and chic.

Flexpeaker’s frequency does not go below 500 Hz; it gives output by reaching up to 20 KHz. Flexpeaker is compatible with day-to-day electronic gadgets and concepts. It can also be attached with huge billboards that have integral sound system. Flexpeaker technology works best with any device as it consumes little power. The recent video available on internet introduces an early prototype of the paper-thin flexpeaker.

Flexpeaker is a wonderful technology that will make an impact on young generation. Flexpeaker’s elegant look and its flexibility will make it popular.  It is true that many companies and designers who are using their creativity to come up with innovative technology concepts have already made many such products available for users.  A smart user has to be intelligent enough to make a right choice from the available options. 

Source: IEEE Spectrum: Flexible Paper Speakers on the Way

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