Monday, October 12, 2009

The infinite book concept: digital book with actual pages

Soon you will not need to carry a bundle of newspapers, a bunch of magazines and a pile of books wherever you go. Neither will you need to sit in front of computer to browse and read online news, blogs and e-books as you will carry whatever you need in a small portable touch-screen device. Ewald Neuhofer’s infinite book concept will make life flawless. It will bring a complete change in your reading experience and all positive change, credit goes to designer Ewald Neuhofer of course.

The new infinite book concept will sync the digital and analog reading experiences together. The infinite book concept is a device that will resemble a newspaper. A user can actually flip the digital pages of the device to explore and read its content. The device comes with touch screen display and interface that will increase the speed of functions and will allow a user to flip through the infinite book easily.
The best thing about the infinite book concept is it comes with a feature – infinite folding. The infinite folding is designed by keeping in mind the factor of comfort. The device can be folded to make it highly comfortable to carry along with you. These kinds of e-books are surely going to catch the attention of environmentalists as such devices are going to save thousands of trees from suffering from axe attack.

The infinite book concept allows you to read the digital book by flipping the pages, thus navigating in the same old way. The device has clip at the top that holds all the digital pages together. The device can be stored and transported without any difficulty. The infinite book concept is well-thought design as it accumulates all your data at one place. This device is nothing but a digital library with analog navigation that can be carried in your bag.
Source: Infinite Book, Transforming Paper Into Digital Media - The Design blog

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