Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Microsoft’s Future Workplace: multi-touch office concept demo is here

A new video portraying Microsoft’s futuristic office concept will surely make you raise a brow. The video shows how our offices where we spend most of the time will look like in the future. Stephen Elop, Microsoft’s Business Division President presented the video in the speech at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Business division of Microsoft is burning midnight oil while working on various projects that will surely bring change in our lifestyles. This particular video sums up 12 different concepts by Microsoft.

This particular video demonstrating the office of the future illustrates a multi-touch table and a gesture wall system. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well earlier too the office of the future concept had been put forward.  Sun Microsystems did present identical concept before. All ideas presented in the office of the future video are very interesting and will make you think about the reach of technology in very different way. When science and progress go hand in hand, we witness innovations in the field of technology. The office of the future is one such innovative concept.

Though Microsoft has whatever it is needed to turn such concepts into reality; it will face many obstacles in the form of difficulties and challenges to construct technology-based workplaces. Coming up with extremely thin portable displays, producing omnipresent wireless connectivity, developing high-tech computing by building devices that will give instant response to human touch, creating meta-database to keep all the information together and then display the information within seconds are some of the challenges Microsoft has to face while working on this novel concept.

If the office of the future concept turn into reality, then it is quite obvious that it will bring change. Change in lifestyle, change in office atmosphere and change in productivity too. The concept will make many day to day office tasks and operations effortless and instantaneous, thus improving productivity and saving time. Microsoft is on its way to change the workplace of the future.    

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