Thursday, October 22, 2009

NextWindow Touch Screens Selected for 10 New Desktop PCs and Monitors

Tomorrow’s Windows 7 launch expected to kick-off a “Touch PC” frenzy,

with several new products likely to become available before the end of the year

Pleasanton, CA – October 21, 2009 – NextWindow, the market and technology leader in optical touch screens for desktop PCs, monitors and large-format displays, today announced that its touch screens have been selected for use in 10 desktop PCs and monitors—this is by far the most project wins for any desktop-focused touch screen manufacturer.  A handful of “Touch PCs” that use NextWindow touch screens already have been announced, including the Dell Studio One 19, the Hewlett-Packard TouchSmart 300, TouchSmart 600 and 9100, the Sony L Series, and the Medion X9613.  Many others are expected to ship before the end of the year, as PC makers seek to capitalize on the launch tomorrow of Windows 7, the first operating system with multi-touch capabilities.

NextWindow was the first optical touch screen manufacturer to identify and support the fast-growing desktop PC and monitor market.  NextWindow also was among the first companies to focus on optical technology for Touch PCs and monitors.  As a result, NextWindow has established itself as the dominant touch screen provider for desktop PCs and monitors, with over 80% market share.  And the market is just beginning to develop.  Independent research firm Gartner expects demand for Touch PCs to surpass six million units in 2010, nearly quadrupling 2008 shipments.

“PC makers are choosing NextWindow because optical technology, which NextWindow has been developing for nine years, is preferred for desktop PCs and monitors, and NextWindow is the leading vendor in this market,” said Al Monro, NextWindow CEO.  “While the launch of Windows 7 is important, the future of touch on the desktop depends on the availability of touch-enabled applications.  If the software developer community delivers a wide variety of new and exciting applications as we expect it will, consumers will insist that PC makers offer new products.  We believe strongly that the applications market needs to develop quickly, which is why NextWindow is committing significant resources to supporting application developers in 2010 and beyond.”

About NextWindow

NextWindow is a leader in touch-screen technology and a major manufacturer of optical multi-touch displays for OEMs, ODMs and resellers.  With highly accurate, cost-effective solutions designed for personal and business use, NextWindow provides the hardware necessary to bring touch-screen technology to life—giving software designers the freedom to create exciting and intuitive applications.  Founded in 2000, NextWindow is privately held with offices in New Zealand, Taiwan, California and Singapore, with manufacturing facilities throughout Asia.  More information about NextWindow is available at

Company contact:

David Villarina, NextWindow

+1 (925) 272-4530

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