Friday, October 16, 2009

Nokia B-FLOW Mobile Phone Concept with Beauty of Brazil

After quite a long time, Nokia has got something interesting to share with techno-junky cell phone lovers. It is nothing but Nokia’s new mobile phone concept. It will make your day if you will have a glance at this concept with curvy body and exotic look. Diego Peralta’s design Nokia B-FLOW has something to do with Brazilian culture and lifestyle. One can easily tell that this charming cell phone concept has been inspired by Brazilian customs, their way of living and their beautiful countryside.

Nokia B-FLOW mobile phone concept with its feminine curves and elegant texture will make your heart melt. Of course Nokia B-FLOW mobile phone concept comes with sleek touch-screen.  When asked about the inspirational source for coming up with such a wonderful concept, Diego Peralta says in a poetic manner, “hues of a summer sunset at the Copacabana beach.”

As per the information a three layered co injection of polycarbonate is used to make the case. A beautiful shade of orange makes the bottom layer of the case while the middle part is in shimmering pearl white. Translucent coating covers the top layer of the case. The designer has conceptualized the design without losing the original beauty of the model. No one would mind adding this chic gadget in one’s wish list immediately.

The concept also has a camera situated behind a photopolymer screen which becomes visible once camera is turned on. The photopolymer screen almost magically becomes transparent so that user can use the camera to capture memories. The best thing about Nokia B-FLOW mobile phone concept is it can be customized according to your need. With exciting social networking applications this cell phone concept is almost alluring.

With so many sophisticated features and such an elegant design, one can find hardly any shortcoming in this mobile phone concept. The only sad thing is Nokia B-FLOW is still a concept.

Source: Concept Phones

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