Thursday, October 8, 2009

PUNCH: Camera That Punches Digital Images On Blank Paper

When it comes to seizing memorable moments forever, the first thing that comes in mind is none other than a camera. Digital cameras have already made our lives better, but what if we get a digital camera that produces a hardcopy within a blink of an eye. The talented designer Matty Martin has made the process of clicking photographs and sharing them easier and quicker than ever before with his outstanding innovation ? Punch.

The designer displayed his brainy innovation at the Intel University Design expo. Punch is the digital camera that enables its user to click images and immediately punch the digital images on blank paper. Punch is the camera that gives experiences of both digital and physical by enabling instant sharing of pictures. Punch saves your efforts to take or order prints of your digital images. The camera itself works as a punching machine.

Tangible output at no extra cost being the USP of Punch, it has 100% chances to become popular among photography enthusiasts. This oval shaped camera has a set of pins that actually punches a rasterized image on a piece of blank paper. Though you will not get the high quality print, the final result will leave you surprised. Apart from punching pictures, one can easily use USB cord to transform images in your Punch camera to your computer.

"This is a camera which was inspired by the loss of tangible memories," quotes Matty Martin excitedly about his digital camera concept. The camera produces sentences from the profile of the user interface to tag the metadata of each image after punching the images. Punch not only makes taking, punching and giving pictures an easy process, but also makes it effortless to enter and find images on the World Wide Web. So, smile please, say cheese and click-punch-share.

Source: The Design Blog

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