Sunday, October 4, 2009

Toshiba Tactility - Mobile Phone Concept for Visually Challenged

 Toshiba has brought something special for specially-abled individuals. Tactility is the new and highly user-friendly mobile phone concept for visually-impaired people. Technology does not have any boundary and Siwei Liu, the inventor of this breath-taking design has proved it. Of course, there are other cell phone concepts for the visually challenged, but Toshiba Tactility mobile phone for visually impaired is surely out of the ordinary.

Blessed with well-designed 3D Braille façade, Toshiba Tactility makes lives easy beyond imagination. Japanese companies have always been ahead when it comes to uncommon inventions in the field of technology. Toshiba is the proud owner of the authorship of Toshiba Tactility mobile phone concept. Toshiba has always been associated with introducing incomparable mechanisms to the world. Toshiba Tactility is the new facet of the renowned gadget-makers.

It is obvious that Toshiba Tactility does not have any display screen. Keypad specially designed with the letters and numbers with 3D Braille dots composes the surface of the mobile phone. Toshiba Tactility has a sleek look which makes the phone look trendy. It is also very thin and wide, thus adding a factor of comfort. Blind people can use the phone with ease without confronting any kind of difficulty. The designer has not only concentrated on user-friendly aspect but also made the phone quite stylish. 

The lower part of the Toshiba Tactility mobile phone concept carries a slot to attach a strap. A user can easily carry his or her mobile phone wherever he or she goes by fastening it to belt or wearing it around neck. Toshiba Tactility mobile phone concept is something near to reality. We can surely be positive to see Tactility for sale sooner or later. It will not be a hyperbole to say that such mobile concepts specially designed for blind people will sale like hot cakes. Keep your sixth sense alert to sense the availability of Tactility in Market.     

Source: Yanko Design

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