Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wacom’s Bamboo Touch, A Multi-Touch Graphic Tablet Unveiled

Wacom’s forthcoming graphic tablet Bamboo Touch is no longer a secret as talks about this smart, engaging and natural input device have already travelled from pillar to post. Bamboo Touch tablet will enable multi-touch input. Bamboo Touch is available for purchase at Best Buy (retailer) before its official release exposing its thrilling features and functions.

Unlike Wacom’s earlier products Intuos 4, functionality of Bamboo Touch will depend upon fingers. Wacom has made the device more user- friendly to make it easy to operate with fingers instead of pen or stylus. With overall tablet size: 8.2 x 5.4 x 0.3 in (208 x 138 x 7.5 mm), Wide-format active area size: 4.9 x 3.4 in (125 x 85 mm) and easy USB connection, Wacom’s Bamboo Touch is surely something to fancy about.

It’s smart

Bamboo Touch is a smart option as it gives all the advantages of a multi-touch device. This new and extraordinary USB trackpad supports all common operating systems and applications. Its adaptability certainly makes it an apple of the customer’s eye and a smart buy.

It’s engaging

Bamboo Touch will keep you glued to its attractive features. It is engaging as it gives majestic multi-touch experience that will make operations effortless. In addition it comes with spacious tablet space.

It’s natural

Scrolling, zooming, rotating and flipping your files and folders become possible with a touch of a finger. Four shortcut keys on the tablet make navigation absolutely uncomplicated. Its inbuilt help lessons will make you an expert Bamboo Touch user.

Some reports on the internet are talking about the possibility of several models of the product, where some models will include stylus while others will be managed with fingers. The reports till now are saying the price of the product is somewhere near $70 USD. The video from you-tube user explores the device in details. Your gestures and clicks become a magnificent experience with Bamboo Touch. Are you already feeling tickled with the touch of technology?

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