Sunday, November 29, 2009

Apple Tablet to Finally See the Light of Day

Apple Tablet Concept
Image by Photo Giddy via Flickr
It seems that the obvious enthusiasm of the people to view the Apple tablet may still be drawn out. With rumors thick in the air of an early 2010 launch, this festive Christmas season has to lose out on the opportunity to see the much-awaited device. Speculations were swinging back and forth about the existence of such a tablet but it has now been confirmed that Apple will indeed be launching it early next year. The tablet is expected to measure 10 inches diagonally with a touch sensitive interface. It is going to be a large iPod or iPhone touch providing wireless connectivity. Accessing media can be done through iTunes.

As far as the operating system is concerned, it might follow the iPhone OS, which means that you will get a standard Mac OS X. Although much is not known about the CPU, yet the Samsung ARM11 chip or the chip from P.A. Semi seems to be the obvious choice. But no sooner has the news of this innovative tablet done the rounds, organizations are gearing up to put it to use. Chief among them is the magazine publisher Conde Nast. It plans to make available a digital version of Wired magazine and all its 18 titles. A new publishing form will be used which is being prepared by Adobe and dubbed AIR.
With Apple still holding back on the details of the tablet, not much is known about the display too. It is now being construed that the delay in launch is due to the switch from LED to OLED displays. Since LG signed an agreement with Apple to supply flat panel displays, DigiTimes apprehends that the agreement includes OLED displays as well. Consequently, the cost of making the tablet is expected to rise between $1500 and $2000. You can buy the OLED model for about $2000 and the LCD one for about $1000. But the concept is already a big hit, with consumers already queuing up to get one. The Apple tablet is no longer a mirage envisioned by techno-crazy people. It is a certainty.
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