Monday, November 2, 2009

Apple’s Wireless Multi-touch Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse vs Mighty MouseImage by Ben Dodson via Flickr
Apple’s Magic Mouse is first ever multi-touch mouse to make clicking and dragging smooth task. The mouse crafted by using touch-technology will come with every new iMac. A user can transform his Bluetooth enabled Mac by pairing it with Apple’s Magic Mouse. Its smooth and curvy body is absolutely tempting. You experience the magic of Magic Mouse when you actually start using it.

Magic Mouse comes with laser tracking that works without fail on every surface, so you are not obliged to use that mouse pad. Magic Mouse’s top surface is sensitive to touch. With Magic Mouse you can scroll the page in all possible directions. The mouse gives you chance to explore your computer screen as per your wish. The very mouse acts like a button. You have to click or double-click on the surface of touch-technology enabled mouse to work on your computer.

The inbuilt chip of Magic Mouse is nothing but the core of the mouse. The chip is responsible for the proper functioning of the mouse. Magic Mouse is intelligent enough to identify the gesture. The device does not restrict its user to work in limited space, as the mouse works effectively up to 33 feet. If you have Apple’s wireless keyboard too, then you are spared from those tangles of wires. Apple’s wireless Magic Mouse comes with on and off button that helps to switch it off when not in use.

The Magic Mouse becomes irresistible due to its glossy body. It is extra smart in gesture recognition. No matter whether you want to magnify the screen or you have to scroll the page, the mouse performs every gesture quite smoothly. The other important thing is you can personalize the usage of the mouse by changing settings. Enabling or disabling particular features is what you can do to personalize your Magic Mouse.  Get your magic mouse at just $69 and get ready for 360° scrolling experience.

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