Friday, November 13, 2009

Asus' Dual-Screen Laptop Concept

Asus has taken one step ahead to set a new benchmark in the realm of multi-touch and touch-screen technology. Asus’s dual-screen netbook is sleek and smart concept that is in the process of turning into reality. The device is the integral part of the project called – community designed PC. The project is in the process and thus the actual device will take quite some time to be available for its potential buyers.

The device is the concept that enables users to perform tasks with hand gestures. The device can also be operated by using proper multi-touch features. The netbook has inbuilt handwriting recognition software, thus making it completely personal. Asus’s dual-screen netbook transforms into regular notebook when used as a laptop. A user can use the bottom multi-touch display screen as a keyboard while the other screen will perform as the main screen of the machine.

The best part of the Asus’s dual-screen netbook is it can be used as an e-reader when it is handled like a book and it can be used as a netbook when it is handled like a laptop with one screen resting on the tabletop. The elegant looking display screens are enough to make it exotic. While talking about this new laptop with two displays concept, the company proudly quotes, "a revolutionary dual-panel concept notebook.” Asus believes that this concept will come to life due to various ideas and suggestions collected from technology lovers around the globe.

Asus’s dual-screen netbook concept is without any doubt going to be one of the innovative laptop concepts. The laptop comes with various features including flexible touch-pad where a user can actually decide the size of the virtual keyboard as per his comfort. The concept formulated by keeping in mind factors like versatility, innovation and brilliant use of touch-technology, Asus’s dual-screen laptop concept will make you fall for it.
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